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Cellular Evidence Mapping and Analysis

Cellular Evidence Analysis

Understanding cell phone & base station records is critical for cases involving cellular evidence. I present the cellular record with easy to understand maps, animations, and timelines. These can show patterns of communications, whereabouts, and activity. I map and analyze records from all carriers.
Law enforcement and lawyers alike need to understand what digital evidence is available and what can be learned from it.
Strengthen your case with a thorough analysis of the cellular and base station records. I have experience in civil and criminal cases, and I’ve worked for both the plaintiff and defense.
Maximize the evidence available from cellular phones, the carrier or service provider, social media, email, device exams, IoT (internet of things) data, vehicle infotainment/telematics, etc.
I explain the technical aspects of our digital world so that a lay person can understand.
I provide expert investigative services for cases involving wireless devices, systems, networks, and interference—wherever they are installed and used.
Electromagnetic interference (aka crosstalk) is a serious and increasing form of environmental pollution. It is invisible but can cause serious accidents.

Cellular Evidence Mapping

Mobile phone & base station records may contain a history of a phone’s location and activity. Activity records may include calls, texts, social media, and data usage. I help clients understand the story the cellular record is telling through simple and compelling maps.

Investigative Analysis

I help clients understand the information in the base station and mobile phone record. I identify information gaps and fill them in with facts from the record. This results in a compelling and meaningful presentation of the facts.

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Mark McFarland, P.E., D.F.E., is the founder and CEO of Discovery Engineering.
Mr. McFarland is a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer, a Board Certified Forensic Engineer, and a statistician. His expertise in engineering and applied research is recognized by legal, insurance, industry, and government clients.
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