The Vital Few & the Trivial Many

Properly designed initiatives can help businesses identify the vital few factors affecting an outcome. This can guide efforts to increase revenues, improve operational efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns & customer service efforts, respond more quickly to emerging market trends, and gain a competitive edge over rivals.

It’s all about understanding variability. I use methods from Six Sigma, applied statistics, statistical learning, and artificial intelligence to make inferences and predictions.  I experiment to acquire useful data sets to discover patterns and create models.  This enables us to answer critical questions and make informed decisions. Discovery Engineering provides business intelligence.

Better Decisions

Entire businesses and industries have been transformed.  Work with Discovery Engineering to learn how you can make better decisions and improve the bottom line.

Benefits of Six Sigma and Applied Statistical Methods

Companies of all types and sizes have reaped the benefits having utilizing Six Sigma and applied statistical methods in their organizations. The most notable examples include:

  • GE saved $12 billion over five years and added $1 to its earnings per share.
  • GE produces annual benefits of over $2.5 billion across the organization from Six
  • Honeywell (AlliedSignal) recorded more than $800 million in savings.
  • Motorola reduced manufacturing costs by $1.4 billion from 1987-1994.
  • Six Sigma reportedly saved Motorola $15 billion over 11 years.