From Analogue to Digital

Electronics comprises the study of physics, engineering, and technology.  It optimizes the emission, flow, and control of electrons to make something happen, such as turning on a light or sending an email.

Electronics are everywhere: from simple home appliances to complex systems that enable our connected world.  Most aspects of our lives are touched by electronics.  When things go wrong, the impact can be enormous.

I lead forensic investigations for incidents related to electronics.  These include appliances, computer systems, security and alarm systems, automotive electrical systems, lighting controls, and radio communications.

1897: Electron Identified

Since the identification of the electron in 1897, electronics has shifted the course of our history and our lives.

Electronics are widely used today in household appliances, consumer products, lighting controls, security and alarm systems, telecommunications, and signal processing.


A Part of Our Lives

We depend upon electronics for banking, healthcare, education, communications, transportation, sanitation—just about every aspect of our lives.