Happenstance data cannot answer most research questions.  A designed experiment is needed to guide the collection and analysis of data.  This ensures that the data collected are suitable to answer the research questions.

Discovery Engineering works with you to understand the objectives of your research.  First, we list and and prioritize your objectives. This information is used to lay out the experimental plan.  Next, I maximize the amount of “information” a given experimental effort can provide.  This saves you time and money.  I lead the execution, data collection, and data analysis efforts of your research project.


I Produce Knowledge

Most “analytic” consulants are only capable of analyzing data which has already been collected.  This places strict limits on any insight they can provide.  Proper methods results in fewer limits and more insight.  Work with a leader in the field to gain the knowledge you need.

What You Gain From Choosing Discovery Engineering

My expertise can help you:

  • Choose among alternatives (comparative design)
  • Identify important factors (screening design)
  • Hit a target and reduce variability (response surface design)
  • Understand dependencies (regression design)