How Do We Gain Knowledge?

We engage in research to gain knowledge–about customers, products, processes, events, etc.  Unfortunately, research does not always result in knowledge.  This is because improper research methods were used.

The National Association of Scholars reported in 2018 that most published research is not reproducible.  NAS refers to this as, the Irreproducibility Crisis of Modern Science. This crisis has compromised entire disciplines.

Proper research methods are critical to gaining knowledge.  Work with Discovery Engineering to ensure your research efforts produce knowledge.

I Do the Proper Research

Especially in the era of “Big Data,” scientifically proven and accepted research methods are essential to gaining knowledge.  I bring scholarship and practical experience to the table.  This results in actionable and defensible results for you.

Work with Discovery Engineering to Gain Clarity

Faulty research methods distort strategy, policy, and expenditures.

The impact of the reproducibility crisis is enormous. Just the financial consequences are staggering.  A 2015 study estimated that researchers spent billions of dollars annually in the United States alone on irreproducible preclinical research into new drug treatments.

Don’t let your good money follow bad.  Work with me to gain clarity.