A consistently high level of productivity and quality are essential for success in any business.  Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is an effective tool for preventing problems, failures, and quality issues.  A properly planned and implemented RCA system drive down to the root of the problem and eliminate it.

I help you uncover the root causes of faults or problems and determine the best solution.  Don’t treat the symptoms!  Fix the root cause.

Quickly solving complex business problems. Delivering tanigble results.

Discovery? Engineering is a leading expert in planning and implementing an effective Root Cause Analysis (RCA). I assess, explain, provide direction, mentor, and help you implement a solid RCA process into your company’s culture.

Our RCA consulting services are practical and effective.? They’re also crucial to quickly solving complex business problems and eliminating intractable problems.

I provide tangible results, such as: higher production, better quality, increased customer satisfaction, lower cost, increased efficiency, and better execution.

Solutions to a Broad Range of Problems

Root cause analyses have helped clients with:

  • Incident investigation
  • Unresolved recurring issues
  • Quality improvement
  • Industrial accidents
  • Identifying equipment failures
  • Root cause corrective action

We use solid problem solving & decision making methods, in a deliberate, step-by step process.? This process suspends judgment, organizes information, and breaks down the complexities of business problems into manageable elements. We help you achieve major business improvements.