What is Root Cause Failure Analysis?

A root cause failure analysis can help determine the root cause of failure with reasonable scientific and engineering certainty.  The investigation process may include simulations, reenactments, and inspections of the equipment or materials involved.  Once the root cause of failure is determined, efforts can be made to best prevent future occurrences.

I apply a multidisciplinary approach to root cause failure investigations.  I synthesize the fields of engineering, applied research, Six Sigma and the quality sciences, statistics, and best practices to bring clarity.

My analysis provides insightful, defensible, and reproducible results.

Tirelessly Methodical

Discovery Engineering is experienced and successful in finding root causes through dedicated, rigorous investigation.  I am methodical in identifying causes of failure events.  I also provide recommendations for remediation.


Potential Causes of Failure

Components not meeting their intended design life, accidents, and failures often result from factors including:

  • Design errors
  • Improper maintenance
  • Material imperfections
  • Unforeseen operating conditions
  • Manufacturing issues
  • Inadequate quality assurance
  • Inadequate environmental controls
  • Misuse or abuse

Root cause failure analysis can help you understand went wrong.