What is Statistical Engineering?

The American Statistical Association has noted the challenges facing statisticians when attacking large, complex, and unstructured problems.  Statistical engineering has been proposed as a discipline that can provide a viable paradigm to attack such problems, used in conjunction with sound statistical science.

Statistical engineering is the integration of applied research, statistics, and engineering to solve high-impact problems.  This integration provides better understanding of uncertainties in knowledge and decision making.

Incorporated Knowledge

Gathering and maintaining data has added extra dimensions and skills to jobs in engineering, science, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, etc.  Professionals spend decades gaining education and experience in their fields.  Few have time to pursue graduate education in statistical methods.  This is why companies turn to me.

I’ve incorporated the knowledge to help you fill in the gaps, understand uncertainty, and gain knowledge.

I Help You Understand Uncertainty

I apply expert knowledge in applied research, statistics, engineering, and management to transform observation into useful process information.  I help companies understand variability and uncertainty across a broad range of applications and industries.