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Over my 20+ year career, I’ve gained experience with many different telecommunications systems. Discovery Engineering provides expert witness services in all areas of telecommunications. These include: research, design, testing, operation, use, and technical analysis of high-speed data systems, satellite, RF & wireless, mission critical communications, LTE systems, wireless technology, antennas, networks, interference, radar systems, software, databases, etc.
I conduct assessments of complex analog, digital and optical telecommunications networks, technical due diligence, multi-national broadband networks, and performance reviews of various telecommunications technologies.
Discovery Engineering is an authority in 5G, LTE & cellular systems, emergency comms, satellite systems, wired & wireless networks, IP networks, protocols & standards, GPS, radar, and electromagnetic interference & compatibility (EMI/EMC).
I investigate faults related to wireless networks, devices, and equipment. This includes emergency comms, cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and SDR.
Failures related to electronics may take on a variety of forms. Retaining an electronics expert witness with the right experience is crucial to your case.

Informing the Fact Finder

Telecommunications systems are profoundly complex today. Discovery Engineering makes the complexity understandable: I explain in simple terms the technical issues surrounding any telecommunications system. I inform the fact finders.

I Communicate Communications

My research-driven approach, multi-disciplinary background and experience, and ability to clearly present complex, scientific information sets me apart from others.
I have experience in the design, building, testing, analysis, use, protocols, standards, and failures of complex telecommunications systems.

Speak With Mark

Mark McFarland, P.E., D.F.E., is the founder and CEO of Discovery Engineering.
Mr. McFarland is a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer, a Board Certified Forensic Engineer, and a statistician. His expertise in engineering and applied research is recognized by legal, insurance, industry, and government clients.
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