Over my 20+ year career, I’ve gained experience with many different telecommunications systems.  Discovery Engineering provides expert witness services in all areas of telecommunications.  These  include: research, design, testing, operation, use, and technical analysis of high-speed data systems, satellite, RF & wireless, mission critical communications, LTE systems, wireless technology,  antennas, networks, interference, radar systems, software, databases, etc.

I conduct assessments of complex analog, digital and optical telecommunications networks, technical due diligence, multi-national broadband networks, and performance reviews of various telecommunications technologies.

Discovery Engineering is an authority in 5G, LTE & cellular systems, emergency comms, satellite systems, wired & wireless networks, IP networks, protocols & standards, GPS, radar, and electromagnetic interference & compatibility (EMI/EMC).

Informing the Fact Finder

Telecommunications systems are profoundly complex today.  Discovery Engineering makes the complexity understandable: I explain in simple terms the technical issues surrounding any telecommunications system.  I inform the fact finders.

I Communicate Communications

My research-driven approach, multi-disciplinary background and experience, and ability to clearly present complex, scientific information sets me apart from others.

I have experience in the design, building, testing, analysis, use, protocols, standards, and failures of complex telecommunications systems.