Forensic Engineering and Applied Research

Discovery Engineering provides exceptional expert witness services in wireless, telecommunications, electronics, and electrical engineering.  I reliably provide actionable, defensible, and evidence-based solutions.  My work is guided by scholarship and practical experience.  I focus on providing clear explanations.

Discovery Engineering is proud to be the first forensic and applied research engineering firm established in Boulder, Colorado.

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Telecom Expert

I have over 20 years of experience in the design, analysis, testing, and use of wired and wireless telecommunications systems.

I investigate issues involving emergency communications, LTE, cell phones, Internet, networks, Wi-Fi, RADAR, GPS, satellite, mobile communications, consumer devices… any electronic communication device or system, with or without wires.

Expert Witness & Forensic Engineering Services

Applied Research

Understanding variability is crucial to improving and controlling processes. I bring scholarship and practical experience to help clients understand variability and improve their outcomes.

With extensive education and experience in applied statistics, statistical learning, artificial intelligence, engineering, and communications, I help clients answer questions and solve problems.  I provide knowledge to inform decisions.

Applied Research & Analytic Services

Problem Solved

Discovery Engineering is a multi-disciplinary firm that synthesizes the fields of engineering and applied research to solve engineering, scientific, regulatory, and business issues facing my clients.

I provide unbiased, actionable, defensible, and timely explanations.

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Personal Attention

I spend time with each client to understand the unique circumstances.  I leverage my experience in engineering, telecommunications, wireless, applied research, and statistics to deliver the best solution.

Leave the technical details to me, and I will help you achieve success with your case or project.

Client Focused

Discovery Engineering is committed to exceeding your expectations.  My goal is to develop a long-term relationship with my clients.  I partner with you and am proudly engaged in your success.  I work hard to deliver salient, on-time solutions.

I am expertly credentialed, broadly experienced, responsive, and forward-looking.  I proudly serve clients across a range of sectors and industries.

Discovery Engineering provides clear explanations.