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Discovery Engineering is a private engineering firm based in Boulder, Colorado. I provide expert witness, forensic engineering, and analytic services to legal, insurance, industry, business, and government clients.
I synthesize unique experience, education, training, and credentials to lead the most complex investigations for my clients. I provide clarity, understanding, and instructive explanations.
I pride myself on the breadth and depth of my expertise and on the complete solutions I provide to my clients.


Founder & CEO of Discovery Engineering
Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer
BS, Electrical Engineering
MEng, Telecommunications
MEng, Engineering Management
Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Mark McFarland, P.E., is a licensed engineer and statistician with 25+ years of experience in electrical engineering, telecommunications engineering, and applied research. He is published in several national and international peer-reviewed journals, and he has been a speaker at national and international technical conferences. Mark is currently the CEO of Discovery Engineering, as well as a researcher at the US Department of Commerce in Boulder, CO. His practice areas include electrical engineering, telecommunications, wireless, electronics, other electrical phenomena, applied research, and the quality sciences.
He leads investigations of electrical, electronic, wireless, and telecom systems involving design, use, defects, and malfunctions for legal, insurance, commercial, research, liability, and government matters. Mark is experienced in the design, analysis, and testing of satellite, cellular, LTE, Internet, wireless, Wi-Fi, RF, RADAR, emergency and public safety comm systems, networks, telecom standards and protocols, data communications, GPS, instrumentation, and control systems.
Understanding variability is crucial to controlling and improving processes. Mark brings scholarship and practical experience in applied research to help clients understand variability and improve their outcomes. The financial and legal consequences of improper scientific research methods are enormous. With his education and experience in statistics and applied research, Mark aims to ensure solid and defensible methods inform decision making.

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