Electrical, telecom, and wireless expert

Discovery Engineering brings practical experience, impeccable credentials, and solid communication skills to optimize litigation results.  My unique experience and education in electrical engineering, wireless, RF, telecommunications, and applied statistics qualifies me to lead numerous investigations.

Discovery Engineering maintains the highest standards in forensic engineering.  My consultation and litigation support services include: Electrical Engineering, TelecommunicationsWireless, Electronics, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Internet & Technology, Root Cause Failure Analysis, and Patents & Intellectual Property.

Electrical Engineering Expert

I investigate issues related to warnings, codes, and standards, appliance faults, lightning & electrocution, electrical failures, power systems, and…

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Telecommunications Expert

I help clients understand the technical issues surrounding complex telecom systems, including E911, LTE, Internet, GPS, RF, and radar systems.

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Wireless Expert

I investigate faults related to wireless networks, devices, and equipment. This includes emergency comms, cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and SDR.

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Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Expert

Any electrical or electronic device can be susceptible to EMI and RFI. As the use of electronics and the electromagnetic spectrum increases, so does…

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Electronics Expert

Lawsuits related to electronics may take on a variety of forms. Retaining an electronics expert witness with the right experience is crucial to your…

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Internet & Technology Expert

I can help clients understand the mechanics and workings of the Internet and other technologies.

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Root Cause Failure Analysis

Determine the root causes of failures---with scientific and engineering certainty.

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Research Methods Analysis

Are bogus research methods informing your (or your opposition's) strategy? I can help you combat "fake research" with scholarship and best…

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Patents & Intellectual Property

Get a complete technical analysis of your patent infringement or intellectual property case.

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